How Your POS Can Help With Your Efforts to Adapt

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It would be fair to say that the most successful food service businesses over the last couple of years have been incredibly adaptable in how they operate and proactive in their communication of necessary adjustments they have made along the journey. Consistent messaging is needed in every aspect of the business – from well-trained staff and clear in-house signage through to relevant social media marketing.

It is also vitally important that the retail and point of sale technology being used in your venue is able to keep up with operational adjustments and the promotions being offered.

Here are five ways your POS system can help as you continually adapt your business model to meet the challenges you face:

Adjust products & pricing and automate promotions through the POS

As product availability and costs change, your menu needs adjusting. Rather than requiring staff to keep up with the changes, your POS should easily be able to be programmed to correspond with current parameters. Utilising automated promotions like ‘meal deals’ and ‘happy hours’ in your POS system also allows you to modify your product offering to encourage increased business without placing the burden on staff to remember everything.

Advertise specials and promotions using digital displays

Your POS is often at the centre of your counter, right in front of your customers – so a graphic display that fills the ‘dead’ space taken up by the POS is an excellent non-aggressive marketing opportunity. Finding eye-catching ways to promote your business and remind patrons of what you offer can enhance the customer experience and add to your bottom line.

Use operator prompts to remind staff of upselling opportunities

Staff upselling has long been recognised as an effective way to boost customer average spend and overall revenue. Having relevant, targeted prompts set up in your POS that are aligned with your current promotional priorities will provide a discreet reminder to staff of the right questions to ask.

Utilise customer loyalty data to provide relevant communication

Communicating directly with your regular customers allows you to publish changes in venue operation, announce the introduction of new products and services that are relevant to the current situation and advertise specials and promotions you have developed to boost business. Venues with a versatile customer loyalty program can greatly benefit from this opportunity.

Integrate self-ordering technology with your POS system

It has been well documented that customer self-ordering, whether through kiosks, websites accessed via QR codes or in-house mobile apps, have brought great benefits to hospitality venues. Contactless services can be promoted, customers pay up front and average transaction sizes typically increase. Integrating this technology into your POS and order management system promotes efficiency and saves on staffing costs.

In challenging times, hospitality businesses need to be getting the most out of the technology available to them. Don’t let a lack of innovation and the proper business tools be a reason for venue failure.

Uniwell continues to work with its development partners to provide technology that enables hospitality venues to adjust, recover and grow from the challenges of 2021.

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Contact us if you would like to know more about contactless ordering solutions that can help your business.

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