Process Automation Will Enhance Hospitality’s Post-COVID Viability

Throughout 2020 the hospitality industry, along with its suppliers and stakeholders, have been searching for ways to improve the safety, efficiency & sustainability of its overall business model.

One of the key changes that has taken place is the minimisation of face-to-face interaction wherever possible. While this has, to some degree, robbed the industry of the personal touch that comes from the close-up, friendly interaction between customers and waitstaff, baristas and bar staff, it has encouraged venues to innovate by improving convenience and finding other ways to deliver an engaging experience.

So where to from here? While in Australia we are largely insulated from the scale of devastation that COVID-19 continues to have overseas, the local hospitality industry is still struggling to come to terms with the significant adjustments that will be required for it to return to long-term viability.

Process automation, or removing unnecessary contact points between customers, venue staff and suppliers, will continue to play an important role in reshaping the industry for months and years to come.

Consider these 4 key benefits of utilising technology to assist in this regard:

  • Better safety and hygiene protocols will become standard industry practice. Staff and customer welfare will continue to be a major priority, not only because of the natural concern we all have for each other’s welfare, but also for the harmful impact that a positive COVID test can have on a venue’s short term operation and reputation.
  • Ongoing development of sales channels and products that focus on convenience will continue to generate new opportunities. The use of ‘order and pay at the table’ apps, ‘skip the queue’ services and other self-paced electronic ordering will compliment adjusted consumer behaviours, and have already demonstrated the capability of increasing average customer transactions.
  • Seamless order communication will improve venue efficiency and time management, minimise mistakes and increase profitability. Technology is now available for the customer to order on their own device, sending the order through the venue’s point of sale system through to the kitchen, barista or bar, and then communicate when the order is ready electronically.
  • Process flexibility will allow businesses to instantly adjust should future disruptions occur. Lets face it – we were all caught unaware by 2020. Many of the consequences that have directly come from the pandemic were previously never anticipated. But now that we have seen the impact of this scenario, many hospitality venues are not only starting to recover but are also capable of adapting quickly if that becomes necessary again.

Uniwell continues to work with its development partners to provide technology that enables hospitality venues to adjust, recover and grow from the challenges of 2020.

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Contact us if you would like to know more about contactless ordering solutions that can help your business.

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